We offer the best laser technology currently on the the market. The Cutera Laser for Nail Fungus.

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At 80 Watts of power this new laser is 20 times stronger than previous generation lasers for nail fungus which were rated at only 4 Watts.

The Cutera Laser is a safe and effective treatment for nail fungus.
It penetrates inside the nail where the nail fungus (dermatophytes) reside, killing the fungus instantly.

The laser light passes right through the tough nail plate killing the fungus without pain or damage to the surrounding tissues.

The laser procedure is done right in our office. Procedures usually take 10-20 minutes. They do NOT require any form of anesthesia and are painless.

Most patients will feel just minor heat generated by the laser. No pain medication is required after the procedure and you can go right back to work or any activity immediately after treatment.

In order to increase effectiveness, for one price, we offer three laser treatments for nail fungus. The second treatment is performed two months after the first, and the next treatment is performed two months later.

You will not see results right away. The laser will not change your existing nails. As the new nail grows in, it shows signs of clearing from the bottom of the nail as it grows. This usually takes 6-12 months depending on how fast individual’s nails grow.

In order to increase the chances of success, we combine our laser nail fungus treatment with the use of the best anti-fungal topical medication which is available for sale in our office. The use of topical anti-fungal medications also helps to prevent recurrence of the fungal infection.

Often, we use our specialized cooling spray nail grinder to reduce any thick nail tissue in order to increase penetration of the laser. This is also a painless procedure.

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Pictured is the nail of a 32 year old patient who acquired her nail fungus infection at a nail salon.

She did not wish to take oral medications as she was still breast feeding so she opted for laser



After 3 treatments approximately 4-6 weeks apart, here is the result. Needless to say, she is very

happy that it worked so quickly.

While I cannot guarantee such results in all patients, with office treatment as well as good home

care between visits, most people with see some results.


As far as the nail salon goes, I know it is an indulgence you do not want to stop so I recommend

that you most definitely bring your own file board and clippers. Never use the shared equipment

at the salon.

Dr. Lutsky

What are signs of fingernail fungus?

What are signs that you may be suffering from fungal infection of your fingernails (Onychomycosis “on – ee – my – co – sis”) ?

Below is a list of common findings and patient complaints associated with fingernail fungus.

  • Discolored fingernails
  • Yellow or brown streaks under the fingernails
  • Yellow fingernails
  • Brown fingernails
  • Thickened or distorted fingernails
  • Brittle or crumbly fingernails
  • Fingernails separated from the underlying skin
  • Streaks on the surface of the fingernails
  • Peeling cuticles and a ragged appearance of the skin around the fingernail

* This last sign generates a lot of complaints from patients and has led me to a very interesting finding. I have noticed that when I use the Cutera YAG laser on the skin surrounding the nail, the unsightly skin peeling and shredding goes away!

Fingernail Fungus and Treatment

Fingernail fungus is a common condition that is not particularly dangerous, but it does cause a very unattractive nail appearance. The condition is sometimes referred to as onychomycosis, and involves the nail becoming more yellowish in color, sometimes crumbling and having a generally deteriorated look to it. There are a number of different treatments that are approved for fingernail fungus. One of the most popular options is laser fingernail fungus treatment. The new Cutera Laser has been approved since 04/2011 and is a major advancement when compared to the old PinPointe laser.

Laser Fingernail Fungus Treatment

Fingernail Fungus Laser 1Laser fingernail fungus treatment is noninvasive, fast and painless. The people who have this treatment performed on the fingernail fungus usually feel a little bit of heat from the laser, but that is the only physical sensation associated with this type of treatment. The laser used for the treatment is able to penetrate the fingernail itself, which allows it to reach down into the fungus and to destroy it.

Fingernail fungus treatment sometimes makes use of oral medications but, as is the case with many pharmaceutical treatments, many individuals don’t like the idea of taking yet another prescription to treat a condition that isn’t life-threatening and that is really only cosmetic. Oral antifungals all have side effects with the most severe being liver damage. Oral medications are generally safe but require blood test to monitor for liver problems. Laser fingernail fungus treatment is more convenient and lacks the potential side effects that these pharmaceuticals carry with them.

The Laser Fingernail Fungus Procedure

Fingernail Fungus Laser 2Part of the appeal of laser fingernail fungus treatment is the fact that it is an easy and quick procedure. Using the laser, the nail fungus can be treated very effectively, over the course of three treatments, none of which require any down time for recovery. The patient merely visits the doctor, the treatment is performed in about 15-20 minutes, and the patient is then able to return to whatever they were doing that day, including going back to work. Because there is no pain associated with this treatment, there is no recovery time.

The Results of Laser Fingernail Fungus Treatment

Fingernail Fungus Laser 3Successful fingernail fungus treatment can drastically reduce and even eliminate the symptoms of onychomycosis. This means that the fingernail returns to its healthy appearance, having its clarity, smooth texture and strength. This also eliminates some of the issues that come with fingernail fungus, such as the characteristic crumbling, splitting and other cosmetic issues that sometimes cause people a great deal of distress about their appearance. After the fingernail fungus treatment is completed, you will be treated with topical medications to prevent recurrence.

As mentioned earlier the new Cutera laser is much better than the old PinPointe Laser. See the left box on our homepage for a comparison and more information on the Cutera Laser.

We are proud to be called the best priced laser fingernail treatment in NYC and the best! We perform three treatments for less than most doctors charge for one treatment. We have extensive experience with this new technology and have found three treatments are significantly better than one. See our Costs and Policy page for more details.

What is Fingernail Fungus?

Fingernail fungus is not a dangerous conditions, but they do cause quite a bit of cosmetic damage to the nails. It is more common in older individuals than in younger people, but young people do get it too.

Fingernail fungus is also frequent nuisances to people who engage in a great deal of athletic activity and work with their hands. The medical name for nail fungus is onychomycosis. The fungus exists in the nail bed below the nail, as well as in the fingernail itself.

Effects of Fingernail Fungus

best priced fingernail fungus treatment nyc 1Fingernail fungus has a primarily cosmetic effects on the nail. Oftentimes, the person suffering from fingernail fungus will experience discolored or thickened nails. These usually have a yellowish appearance to them; in some cases they just appear cloudy and rough. In other cases, thick nails will develop. Even though these nails are thick, they will generally be less durable than a healthy nail.

As fingernail fungus becomes worse, it tends to cause situations where the nails crumble. The thick fingernails will fall apart quite easily. Most of the time, this is only a cosmetic issue. In some cases, however, it can lead to discomfort as the nails keep falling apart near the nail bed and cause sensitive tissue to be exposed. Sometimes this can lead to fingernail infections.best priced fingernail fungus treatment nyc 2

There are several different treatment options for fingernail fungus. Oral medications

involves treatment with prescription pharmaceuticals that some patients find objectionable due to the possible liver damage. Also, it is advised that patients avoid alcohol consumption for two to three months with on these medications. The side effects of these pharmaceuticals may not be deemed worth risking when a primarily cosmetic issue is being discussed. There are other treatments, however, that offer excellent results for patients and that can help eliminate fingernail fungus and toenail fungus completely, primarily laser treatment for fingernail fungus.

Laser Treatments

Fingernail fungus can now be treated effectively with lasers. Nail fungus exists below the nail, which makes it difficult to get to, obviously. A laser, however, can penetrate through the nail without causing any damage and reach the fungus itself. This allows onychomycosis to be treated directly, rather than using pharmaceuticals to treat it by introducing chemicals into the body.

Even in cases where a patient has severely discolored nails, lasers can reach to the nail bed and destroy the fungus. Thick nails aren’t hindrances to the laser’s ability to penetrate the nail, either. One of the most desirable aspects of this treatment is the lack of side effects.

While the drugs used to treat onychomycosis sometimes have troublesome side effects, lasers don’t have any. The only sensation that patients will usually feel when they are having fingernail fungus treated is a slight amount of heat. Other than that, there is no physical sensation. The patient can have this treatment done as an outpatient and can even go back to work, school or anywhere else they need to be directly after the treatment. There is no recovery time involved as the treatment is completely noninvasive and is completely painless, making it a very convenient option for many patients.

Cutera Laser for fingernail fungus 1Please see our costs and policy page for more details about Laser Treatment for Fingernail fungus. Find out why we are the best at treating fingernail fungus with laser in NYC. We use the latest technology laser, FDA approved since 04/2011, the Cutera Laser for Fingernail Fungus. We offer three treatments for less than most dermatologists charge for one treatment making us the best priced laser for fingernail fungus in NYC.

For more patient info on laser fingernail fungus see Cutera’s patient brochure.